101 Red rose in Rome 50 cm long

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Composition: 101 red roses, delicate packaging. Rose Delivery to Sevilla.

For whom: Red roses - the perfect gift for beloved girl. This bouquet is a classic, so it is suitable for both men, for example, on the Jubilee, and women. The bouquet of red roses is presented to people of any age.

On the occasion: A bouquet of roses suitable for Valentine's Day, wedding anniversary, birthday. This composition can be presented to an anniversary of close person. Roses are ideal for the expression of admiration, respect and love.

How to care: Before you put the flower into the water, the stems of roses should be trimmed a bit. Water for flowers should be changed every day. When the roses begin to fade, you need to put the flowers in cold water
completely, then they will revive and will long continue to delight the owner.

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